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Ritual purification (Dugzhuuba)

Category: Buddhist holidays

Ritual purification (Dugzhuuba)
31 January 2022  monday
19 February 2023  sunday
09 February 2024  friday

190 days before

Dugzhuuba — is a special purification ceremony on the eve of the new year. Since ancient times, the people who practice Buddhism, are very sensitive and serious about this rite.

Dugzhuuba carried out in the 29 th lunar day on the eve of the first new moon of spring. At this time, the families are the final preparations for the New Year — the most important holiday of the faithful. It is worth noting that, for example, the Buryat and Mongolian Sagaalgan (New Year, "White Month") — the only holiday of the year, in contrast to the European calendar, the holiday — as a time of fun, public holidays, gifts and good wishes. The new year is a "universal" Happy Birthday from the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Mongols and Tibetans, it is with the New Year has increased the age of each.

In the houses of vengeance is cleaning — is not even in the corner of the closet, that will not be cleaned from dust. In the old days these days and getting any shake up all the clothes, preparing special outfits from the most expensive silk and brocade everyone — from small to large. Prepared Gifts — cleaned and updated the tube to bring the senior lit up in celebration. As a sign of respect as well prepared Hadak — a kind of rectangular scarves of silk. Surely even the poorest of yurts in those days, very delicious smell — began to prepare special meals, corresponding to the holiday. Men, choosing the best of their horses, they combed mane, preparing new, with polished buckles, harness and saddle. Even changed to the new collar and leash dog.

Rite Dugzhuuba — it is also a kind of ritual of "cleaning" of purification — a special ritual of removing all obstacles, cleansing from all that is bad for the new year people found prosperity, experienced happiness, peace and tranquility.

So, on the eve of people wiping a piece of dough (just flour and clean water, no additives!), then sculpt the figure of his man (tabalan) as if passing this symbolic figure all of their illness, misfortune, and the possible loss of "damage." These figures bring to the Datsan (Buddhist temple, monastery) and placed them throughout the day in a special ritual fire, more accurately, yet special ritual structure in the form of a pyramid with a sharp "tip" — "COOP". After an appropriate prayer Lama consecrated fire, lit it, and people ask that the fire is gone, burned down all the bad things. During the ritual, a ceremony of purification and suppress the evil forces with the help of fire. Believers are to mentally imagine how this fire burned all spiritual obstacles and bad thoughts.

Kindle fire — mandatory ritual Dugzhuuba. In another way, it's called "COOP Zalah" in honor of the structure itself. Interestingly, the process of wiping the test really creates a feeling that with the flour ball in the past goes all the bad and unpleasant, but in the body added strength. Very fond of this process small children. But we must add that it is impossible to perform the rite Dugzhuuba houses adjoining the site or in the woods, igniting a fire.

In the Buddhist tradition, a long time ago with the beliefs of the synthesized animalistic sense, is strictly forbidden to harm the basic elements of nature, including fire — thereby harmed himself and everything that surrounds us. Fire (fire) as a symbol of purification, in which cast tabalany — is only in monasteries and lamas sanctified. Bonfire that you fired up for yourself, this function is not, in fact, you will defile the spirit of fire, throwing rubbish into the fire, even such as tabalany. Therefore the ritual of "home-style" to fail — to visit the appropriate prayers and ritual in the near datsan.

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