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Ramalakshmana Dwadashi

Category: Hindu holidays

Ramalakshmana Dwadashi
31 May 2023  wednesday
18 June 2024  tuesday
07 June 2025  saturday
25 June 2026  thursday

64 days before

Dwadashi are the 12th day of every lunar month, be that bright or shukla paksha or dark or Krishna paksha of every month according to traditional Hindu astrological calendar.

Dawadashi of all the month are said to be important for the worshipping of the sacred Tulasi tree.

Sri Ramalakshmana Dwadashi is an extremely auspicious vrat or observance which is celebrated on the dwadashi day. The Ramalakshmana Dwadashi falls on the month of Jyestha, on the Dwadashi of Shukla paksha, the day after the very effective Nirjala Ekadashi; according to traditional Hindu calendar.

According to Gregorian calendar, this vrat is observed in the month of June, on the waxing phase or the bright phase of the moon.

It is believed that in the times of Treta yuga, the ruler of Ayodhya, King Dasaratha observed the Ramalakshmana Dwadashi to pray for a son. King Dasaratha’s prayers were answered as Lord Rama was born to him in the next year on the auspicious day of the Chaitra Masa Navami, which according to Gregorian calendar falls in the month of April or May.

On this day, some devotees keep a stringent fast to pray for a son and to attain moksha or salvation. Sri Rama puja is carried out on this day with Shodasopachara. Devotees visit the nearby Vishnu temples to take part in the puja proceedings.

Ramalakshmana Dwadashi is also observed as Champaka Dwadashi in some parts of the country, as Odisha. It is an important festival, which is celebrated in the Jagannath Temple of Puri. It is an auspicious day and an important festival for the Utkala Brahmins and is celebrated as such with special puja and bhogs dedicated to Lord Jagannath.

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